Frequently Asked Questions About Nooski's Jet Ski

Please watch the general safety and instructions video.

Our instructors are here out at the lake with you to ensure compliance with the safety and regulations are met, so we’ll explain everything prior to the tour.

While going for any water sports activity with us, you will always be wearing a life jacket, and on top of that, our instructor is here to take care of you in case of any issues, so we have it all under control as long as you also followed the guidelines.

We recommend you to wear light clothing for more comfort. However, there are no restrictions with choice of swimwear. You can wear any types of bathing suits, rash guards, shorts, swim trunks, or any other clothes that are made of light texture and are comfortable.

Each Jet Ski has a compartment in the front where you can put your phone, but not waterproof and not under Nooski Motorsports Rental responsibility in case of the belonging damages or loss.

In case of changes in weather conditions your deposit will be refunded in full or your session will be scheduled to another day according to your preference.

We are open every day from 9AM till sunset.

Early bookings are recommended to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. Same day reservations can also be made but that will be subject to availability.

In order to receive a refund on your deposit, notification of cancellation is required 72 hours in advance prior to the activity date. Should you cancel your trip less than 72 hours prior to the activity date, or fail to show up for the scheduled time, the deposit will not be refunded.

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